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Gone fishin'

My father loves fishing. So, my brother and I decided that we would charter a fishing boat for a trip on Lake Michigan for Father's Day for my dad. Greg and I also invited his dad along, since he was going to be up here.

Greg had his cortisone epidural on Tuesday and wasn't able to go on the trip. The PA originally said he would be able to go along, as long as he wasn't actually fishing. But the doctor said that she didn't want him on a rocking boat. Greg was upset, but we got his younger brother to come along.

I'm so glad that Greg didn't come along. The epidural helped him out, but if he had been on that boat, he would have been in some serious pain. It was a very rocky day. My dad, with his poor balance, didn't even stand up the entire trip. And he was too stubborn to accept help from anyone. And he got sick. In fact, everyone got seasick and threw up except me.

But... we did catch some fish!Collapse )

All in all, we caught 2 coho, 1 rainbow trout, and 5 steelheads. The captain of the boat said that this was actually a bad day... they usually average 12-15 fish per trip. We are thinking of taking one of their perching trips later this year.

I really want to go again... maybe with friends next time. Anyone like fishing and have $100 to spend on a charter?

Writer's Block: First Aid

Have you ever performed CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, or the Heimleich maneuver on someone in an emergency?

Ummm... yeah. But, I am a paramedic. So, it kind of goes with the job.

Death and such

Woke up late today to hear that Farrah Fawcett had died. And later, while surfing the net, I learn that Michael Jackson had been rushed to the hospital in cardiac arrest.

Farrah didn't affect me much. We knew she had cancer. And she was more of an icon for those about 10 years older than I.

But Michael Jackson? His music had a serious impact on the soundtrack of my childhood. I remember listening to Thriller for the first time. I was 9 years old, living in a creaky old house in Missouri, sitting on the floor of my bedroom, with a thunderstorm outside. It kind of scared me, but thrilled me at the same time. See, I grew up in the 80s, before I had The Disney Channel there to tell me what sort of watered down rock music I was supposed to listen to. There's probably a reason I stopped listening to pop music in the late 80s.

There was something seriously wrong with Michael. He obviously had some mental issues that went undiagnosed for too long. And, because of a couple of greedy parents and the sensationalist media that loves tales of woe, we will never know the truth about the child-abuse allegations. But he was extremely talented and one hell of an entertainer.

I'm leading the Samhain ritual this year and I decided to start on the litany. I already have 59 names, and that only includes celebrities and local Pagans. And it's only JUNE! Ugh.

I need to go to bed. WAAAAAAYYYYY past bed time right now. I need to get up at 4:30 am. I think I want to listen to Ebony and Ivory before going to bed, though.


Crafting help STAT!

I want to make a round rag rug using a hoop. I have found quite a few websites that almost have instructions, but they all seem to assume that anyone attempting this technique is very familiar with weaving in general. In other words... not me.

Does anyone know how to do this or know of a good site or book to point me towards that will be easy for me to follow? I think I have the general idea, and I might just try to make it through trial and error.

A funny aside to this: I was telling The Partner about my plans to weave a circular rag rug using a hula hoop. He couldn't understand how I would be able to make it round. He kept insisting that it would turn out square whether I used a hula hoop or not. Maybe a bit oval at the ends, but definitely not round. Finally, I was able to decipher why he thought that. He figured that I would use the hula like a standard loom, attaching the initial strips vertically to the hoop and then weaving back and forth from bottom to top. o.O

borrowed from brigidsblest

Every now and then the police arrest somebody suspected of some terrible, violent crime, and as a piece of public relations they'll announce all of the horrible books, movies and/or CDs they found in the suspect's house, as if to prove that the suspect is obviously guilty and horrible and monstrous.

So here is my challenge to you. You can either do this from memory or take a moment to look through your book and music collections, and then answer this question:

Name ten books, CDs and/or movies that you own that the police would cite as evidence against you at their press conference.

1. Catcher in the Rye - (book) J.D. Salinger
2. Roger and Me - (movie) Michael Moore
3. Fareinheit 9/11 - (movie) Michael Moore
4. Sisters of the Dark Moon - (book) Gail Wood
5. Full Contact Magick - (book) Kerr Cuhulain
6. A Witch Alone - (book) Marian Green
7. Falling Down (movie)
8. Misfits CD
9. Necronomicon - (book) Simon
10. The Happy Mutant's Handbook - (book) Carla Sinclair et al

This was kind of hard. I have WAY too much stuff that the media would have a field day with. Stuff that proves that I am a freaky left-wing nut job. Possibly a cultist. A geek that lives a fantasy life and is just waiting to snap.

And of course, this list does not include stuff like weaponry (guns and blades), black candles, Tarot cards, polyhedron dice, various survivalist accouterments, or pornography (erotica).

And you know that they never actually read or even open any of the books. It's the covers that are interesting and scary. Who gives a damn what's inside.


From Neil Gaiman

Christian group sues for right to burn book

I'm a bit conflicted. I do believe that they have the right to burn the books, as long as they are burning their own copies (that they have bought!). However... book-burning is so wrong.

I am also puzzled as to how a book in the library can cause harm to others. No one is making them read it. No one is forcing them to buy it (unless, of course, they want to burn it). And they can restrict their own kids from reading. It can't cause irreparable mental and emotional damage if they don't even open it.

I am slightly amused that they find the term faggot as derogatory to all men. Makes me wonder why and how often they have been slandered with that word.

I think these people must have the same mentality as those who tried to ban Huck Finn because it was racist. I have always believed that those people were really put off by a story of friendship between blacks and whites.

I can haz sleep nao?

We're settled in as best we can. We're going to sleep in shifts and I lucked out and get to go to bed first. We all just have sleeping bags on the floor, like a grown-up sleepover. Not comfortable, but we are ready to move at a moment's notice. I have my father's .45 under my pillow.

Still no word from tdstraitjacket's parents. They're probably at church praying for an end to this. I just hope Hank Sr took his 50 cal Desert Eagle with him. God may provide shelter in the storm, but you can't count on his aim with lightning.

Haven't heard from my parents. They weren't at the house when I was patrolling in the ambulance when this day began. I tried to call their cells, but it kept going to voice mail. I'm not holding out much hope.

I miss tdstraitjacket. I miss my cats. I will miss my job (sorry, it's a bit too soon to care that much.... and I really did need a vacation!).

But, for now.... I need some rest. My shift starts in a few hours, and I don't want to be groggy.

FUCK! We forgot the Red Bull. How the hell am I supposed to fight Zombies without Red Bull?

Ah well. Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the zombies bite!

Please tell me I am not seeing this!




We just pulled up to Wayne's cabin to find him leading the kids in a rousing dance of ring around the rosie ON TOP OF THE BODIES OF HIS STEPMOTHER AND HER KIDS!!!!

Well, the kids seem to be enjoying themselves.

And the alleged origins are pretty gruesome anyway. LOL

Should have seen this coming

So my brother-in-law Chuck won't give us any guns or ammo from his shop. Fucking ass. He thinks I killed tdstraitjacket on purpose. I mean, really? He's never liked me and now that tdstraitjacket is gone, he has no reason to pretend.

Right now we have two ambulances for transportation. I would like to get them better fortified, but light is fading and we need to get the duck out of Fodge... as the saying goes. Wayne's dad used to have a cabin down in Kentland. Knowing his step-monster and her ilk, there's probably nobody down there. That's where we're heading. It's easily fortified. Lots of game for food. And away from fucking people.

I tried calling the rest of tdstraitjacket's family. Can't get in touch with his parents. His little brother is with his in-laws, but he might come and join us. Hank's also not talking to me. He's got some idea that Pagans have something to do with this.

We're stocking up the rigs now. Have lots of medical supplies, camping gear, weaponry, and food. I don't know if I will have internet access again once we leave. I will use my Blackberry to update Twitter as much as possible. Until I run out of battery or lose a signal.

At least I don't have to go to work tomorrow.


I'm down in Crown Point. I'm with kristress, the Kid,
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I'm down in Crown Point. I'm with <lj user=kristress>, the Kid, <lj-user=accerbus_caelum> and her beau. We're at <lj user=kristress>'s house, trying to come up with a plan.
<lj user=tdstraitjacket> is dead. I'm trying to tell myself that it's not my fault. I mean, I shot him, but he was already dead. I can't believe I'm saying shit like that. Fuck.

We're waiting for Wayne, April, and the kids to get down here. We have guns. We have transportation (I stole an ambulance...they owe me after Tom tried to eat me). We have a rough idea of where we want to go (south). And we have each other (for now).

My husband is dead. The one that used to make fun of me, saying I would never survive a zombie uprising. He'd be so proud.

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